About Me

Thomas Burleigh is a young entrepreneur and web developer based out of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Ever since he was five years old, he's always had a deep fascination with computers. The concept of being able to access limitless amounts of information and the ability to create things that others all around the world could see truly amazed him and intrigued his curiosity, even from a young age. At the age of 10, he began doing things beyond the average internet user. Through his own curiosity and through inspiration from a close online friend (which is a like-minded guy named Jason), he began to learn how to create videos on Windows Movie Maker (which he then got uploaded to YouTube) as well as to create websites (he was experimenting around on a website-maker known as "Piczo" - which no longer exists, along with learning how to code in HTML).

Around 2010, he had started a YouTube channel known as "MasterGalamence". This channel laid the foundation for what would become his true passion in digital media. The channel quickly rose up to 1,700 subscribers by January of 2011. After this, he transformed the channel into a collaborative community channel, to invite other creators to contribute to the channel. The community channel then peaked at over 2,500 subscribers and over 50,000 monthly views by November 2011.

After the closure of the YouTube channel, he was demotivated from making YouTube videos for quite some time. Instead, he returned to his previous hobby, which was developing websites. In early 2012, he began to experiment more with HTML, CSS, and even with some languages such as Visual Basic, furthering his understanding in those languages.

In early 2013, through a website he coded known as "Galamence.Com", he began focusing on charity "stream-a-thon" projects, to help raise money for causes such as the "St.Jude Children's Research Hospital" and an organization known as "Extra Life", organizing online charity events via Twitch which raised hundreds of dollars for these causes. After months of experimentation through digital media, he learned of "YouTube Networks", and how they aggregate online video and monetize videos with digital advertisements through "AdSense".

In early 2014, through Google AdSense, Thomas launched his first profitable online venture with the help of a company known as "any.tv" through it's "Freedom" brand. This venture was known as "Puron Digital", and was founded by Thomas Burleigh and Nathan Saliagas. This YouTube Network began with the original goal of helping members of the YouTube community to grow and develop their social emdia influence. Puron Digital grew quickly, managing over 1,400 YouTube Channels with a collective 30 Million Views per Month.

As Puron Digital was developing, Thomas approached the owners of "OneKindMedia" and "Vyper Network" (which were also ventures through the Freedom brand owned by any.tv), to merge together and launch a joint network so that they would have the ability to pool their resources. Upon the formation of the new business (Which was named "Zoonix"), Thomas served as one of the co-founders. He helped to grow the business and in approximately 6 months, he oversaw Zoonix's growth as the company managed 2,000 content creators with a collective 300 Million Views per Month. Thomas finished his term at Zoonix in February of 2016.

In June 2016, Thomas worked temporarily as a Talent Manager for a YouTube Network known as "BentPixels", and organized a charity event via a stream-a-thon through Twitch. This generated over $1,000 in a single weekend towards the "Save The Children" organization.

In addition, he also starred in a few videos as a voice actor on a channel known as "TwoAllNighters, where he was featured multiple times in their popular "Undertale IF Comic Dub" series.

As of right now, Thomas is currently a freelance web developer specializing in PHP, and is a student at Holland College in the Business Administration program, where he will complete his program in the Spring of 2019. After he graduates from Holland College, Thomas has plans to further his studies and obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Thomas is also YouTube Certified in both Audience Growth and Content Strategy.

Thomas Burleigh