Who Am I?

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My name is Thomas Burleigh. I am a second-year Business Administration student from a small community in Prince Edward Island, Canada. I'm also working to pursue the Accounting Technology program next year.

My goal is to work on behalf of you, the student body, to ensure your college experience is as enjoyable as possible. In addition, I want to make sure that the Student Union is representing the voice of students and addressing their needs to the best of it's ability. I'm going to be placing a strong empathesis on working with students to build a strong, well-informed Student Union that works for them!

I wish all the best to the other candidates running in this race as well. If you have any ideas or suggestions that you want to see in your college, please contact me. I want to make things happen.

On February 21, login to SAM and vote for the candidate of your choice. Let's Work Together!

My Platform

As someone that has dealt with this, I know that mental health is something that a lot of people struggle with every single day. Especially depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. It's extremely important that we provide, to the best of our ability, the resources and supports neccessary to assist students, and work to make sure they are comfortable in reaching for that support, regardless of reason.

Students should feel comfortable using the resources we provide, and it should feel like we're in-touch with the daily struggles that people are going through. Students should feel that there is NO judgement. They should know that they will be NOT looked down upon.

This will be one of my primary focuses as your President. I want to find ways to tackle mental-health and wellness issues not just by awareness or campaigns to fight it, but by also making it easier for students to find and connect to resources such as counselling services, support groups, community resources, etc.

We can also bring in community groups that can offer stress-relieving activities to students, and generate overall positivity on-campus.
It's important that students are informed about how Student Union, and the college, operate. I want to help students understand what it is we do, and how to utilize the resources that we provide. This should be as clear as possible, and as transparent as possible.

By making it easier to access information about the resources that the student union offers, and making it easier to connect students to those resources, we can eliminate a lot of mis-conceptions and confusion for students.

To tackle this, I want to centralize our resources and information in an easily accessible manner. Let's get the Student Union organized and efficient. I want to get our website fully operational and full of helpful information and news. We can also develop our social media into an interactive and resourceful means of communication, and make sure our team is accessible and approachable for students.

Students should know what their Student Union is doing, and can do, for them. I want to make that as clear and as open as possible.
The voice of students is EXTREMELY important. I am committed to making sure that we listen to our students, and that their feedback is being integrated in a meaningful way.

I want to work to see that Student Union is responding to the issues that matter. This Student Union should be something that students are proud of, and that represents them.

This is something I am committed to doing through collecting and polling student feedback, taking suggestions from the student body, and increased interaction within the community as a whole. We can do this in an efficient, non-intrusive way.
It's important that we create opportunities for students to further their personal and professional goals.

Let's keep students informed of opportunities that they may be able to take advantage of regarding finances, job, health, career, or personal development opportunities.

In doing this, I want to make sure we continue to strengthen our connection to local communities and organizations, and work together to maximize the potential for students to succeed, regardless of what their goals or objectives may be.
The athletes on the Holland Hurricanes teams are doing an amazing job in representing our school. It's important that, in return, we support our teams. Whether it be football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, cheer, etc.

This may include securing vital funding or supports for teams that may need some assistance, or to help with some of the equipment that they may need.

We should also work to help students to develop healthy lifestyles (both mentally and physically), manage stress, and achieve their fitness goals.
We should support the development and growth of societies and student associations on-campus. If students want to organize activites or events within these societies, we should help them develop a foundation and perhaps some resources on how to do this.

By developing program-related societies or associations, we can work to increase student participation and involvement across campus, and create an opportunity for students to develop, promote, and utilize the skills they are learning.
We can learn a lot by working with other student unions and associations on a local, regional, and national level. Let's develop the Student Union into a influential force that can lobby in the best interest of students, and collaborate with other student organizations to work on the issues that matter. These include through co-ordinated efforts on awareness campaigns, policy development, government relations, and other partnerships.
It's important to have a strong orientation, and create fun and exciting campus events.

When students come for orientation, we want it to be strong! Students should feel as though they are welcome. When they come to the college to begin their program, I want them to feel curious, excited, and proud of their campus. We need to leave a good and lasting impression, with tons of prizes and opportunities to socialize and meet new people.

Let's also work to create more events (such has dances, potlocks, cultural days, diversity events, community engagements, campus activities, etc.) that are fun and that students will enjoy and will find rewarding. Afterall, this is a very important part of student life and can be very fun to attend.
There are a a lot of international students that are attending our college from various different countries. This is an amazing thing, as it creates a very diverse and open-minded community.

I want to create opportunities for students to showcase and express their traditions, food, and identities. An example of this may be through culture and diversity events.

Let's learn from each other!